Everyone is different and should be cared for according to their individual needs and wishes. Unlike other mainstream nursing homes and institutions, Samia Care Home, LLC offers personalized care that is tailored to you.

Our History

Samia Care Home, LLC Residential was founded with the vision and dedication to caring for our senior community. Our home is built on a foundation of strong Christian values and we have over 15 years of combined caregiving experience. Our sole purpose is caring for you or your loved one with the love and affection of a family. We understand that in one’s golden years, he or she wants the most comfortable and carefree way of living. We provide this and more with 100% love and care.

At a nursing facility, you are a number; at Samia Care Home, LLC, you are family. If you are interested to learn more about us, feel free to contact us at 214-733-2223.

Helping You Transition

The transition from living independently to assisted living is an important decision that cannot be taken lightly. With so many choices and decisions surrounding this adjustment, it is easy to be overwhelmed and confused. Samia Care Home, LLC will help you transition seamlessly into your new way of life.

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide our residents with a warm, loving environment where they can relax, enjoy, and live a more fulfilling life. To meet the needs of each resident, and to ensure that they remain safe, healthy, and happy throughout their stay with us.

Short Biography

Imelda Carbajal:

Mrs. Carbajal is a licensed Vocational Nurse with more than 15 years working in a nursing home. She is passionate in helping other people in need with honesty and integrity. With her years of professional nursing experience focusing on senior long-term care management, Mrs. Carbajal has successfully worked with several communities in the Dallas Metro area and beyond.

Mrs. Carbajal earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing. She is a dedicated Christian, wife of a retired US Navy service, and a mother of 4 adult sons.

Elizabeth Kimotho

A Registered Nurse and for the past 20 years, Mrs. Kimotho has cared for patients both young and old in hospitals, rehabilitation centers and home care. Home care speaks to her heart because it gives her opportunity to develop deep relationships with the residents.

Mrs. Kimotho has a great passion for people and likes to take care of them and meet their needs. She is grateful to experience this wealth of human spirit where each person is so special, individuals come from different walks of life and all are treated with respect, integrity, and love.

Mrs. Kimotho feels that she learns and receives so much more from her patients than she gives and thanks Samia Care Home, LLC clients for giving them an opportunity to love and care for their family member.