Welcome to Samia Care Home, LLC

Samia Care Home, LLC is located in McKinney, Texas.We take pride in offering professional, person-centered, and compassionate care. We work closely with residents and their families to ensure that we are meeting each person’s specific care needs. Our residents always come first. To learn more about us, contact 214-733-2223.

caregiver assisting senior woman caregiver assisting senior woman on the wheelchair caregiver giving food to the old woman

We Offer The Following Services And Amenities

  • Housekeeping & Laundry Services

    We maintain a clean home and provide clean clothes daily. [ CLICK HERE » ]
  • Bible Study Groups & Classes

    We take care of our resident’s spiritual needs. [ Click Here » ]
  • On-Site Health, Grooming & Beauty Services

    Helping our residents with their grooming, health, and beauty needs. [ Click Here » ]
  • Low Staff to Resident Ratio (2:8), Everyday, 24/7

    We can provide personal, one-on-one attention to each resident. [ Click Here » ]
  • View More Services

    Find out what other services we offer. [ Click Here » ]

Meet Our Staff

Our staff at Samia Care Home, LLC has over 15 years of combined caregiving experience.

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